The Legend of Captain

Captain Barbeprune spent his childhood on the family barge where he learnt to navigate by going up and down the rivers Garonne and Lot.


During a stopover he ties up at port Penne d’Agenais and discovers the legend of the sacred hill where there are some reproduction models of giant insects and mushrooms. We say that the Gods have created this sanctuary to assure the survival of the species. Whoever dares to enter into the sacred place is exposed to the anger of the Gods.


Barbeprune grew up and became a Captain. He searched the seas of the world and having won many battles (not without loss).


Captain Barbeprune starts to get old… He decides to stop and hide his treasure. He then remembers the sacred hill, where the men dare not venture. Why not hide his treasure there ? The captain went back up the Lot to Port of Penne d'Agenais, and then in the night he dismantled the ship and transported it all to the sacred hill, leaving no trace of its journey.


Since that day nobody has heard of Captain Barbeprune and his ship.


Your mission ship mates, is to find the pieces of the boat and complete the tests to find the code that allow you to find the treasure of Captain Barbeprune.